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Long time no see, Guild Wars 2 here we go!

Morberg, Aug 28, 12 4:41 PM.
Hello again!

I have some good news for those of you who still visit this site, the Lost Vikings are back in action! 

We are currently starting up on the server "Underworld" in Guild Wars 2

So feel free to drop a comment either here or to Morberg in-game if you feel the urge to become lost once again.

All Hardmode content cleared!

Livs, Feb 19, 12 11:32 AM.
Lost Vikings did it!

We downed Karragga's Palace with ease and took home the trophy of being the 2nd Republic guild on the server to have downed all hardmode content! Well done guys!
We will keep raiding hardmodes to get full rakata, so keep showing up for the raids!

Next Target : Farm mode of all hardmode content, to gear up for future raids!

Raid Setup: Tosme, Quezcatol, Morberg, Zibb, Clinty, Carukus, Dersana'til and Livs

Drops : 2x Jedi Knight Main hands and the mount.


Livs, Feb 13, 12 3:18 PM.
The almighty Soa is DOWN!

Lost Vikings took the challenge and managed to down Soa! It took hard work and concentration, but we did it in the end! Congratulations guys, and good job!! In the future we'll farm him, so we all can get full rakata eventually.

Next target: Karagga's Palace! (BEWARE FATTY! and gief hat...)

Raid setup: Tosme, Quezcatol, Morberg, Zibb, Clinty, Carukus, Varrush and Livs

The loot was: Sage chest, Smuggler chest and 2 smuggler offhands

Hardmodes and steaming hot dps!

Livs, Feb 12, 12 4:20 PM.
We did it! We started hardmode raiding AND cleared almost the entire Eternity Vault in one day! Well done people! This is great news for the guild, since it opens up for more content and gear!

We're still using signups for raids, so please start using them! It'll make everything a lot easier on us ;)

Keep up the good dps and the good mood, and we'll down all the content in no time!

Much love guys! :D <3

The Lost Vikings are now up and Running!

Livs, Feb 7, 12 3:47 PM.
Hey Everyone!

The raids have been going smooth so far. We cleared Vault of Eternity and almost the entire Karagga's palace! We'll get it next time ;)

We're now using sign ups for operations, so please check the calendar above to sign up!

Good job so far everyone! Keep it up!
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